Other Features

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  • Access by employees and agents, both on site and over the Internet.
  • No software distribution all users always up to date
  • User profile controls access to system features
  • Host system at your location or third party data center
  • Support for Carriers and Managing General Agencies
  • Export reports and other information to Excel or Word
  • Export data to Microsoft Access
  • Agency Management Download
  • Email documents
  • Track Agent E&O and licenses
  • Link addresses to online map website
  • File tracking utility to manage of paper files.
  • Task system for workflow management
  • Form Letters
  • Integrated Premium Finance Company module
  • ISi is written using Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server. Minimum hardware configuration includes one web server, one data server and one workstation. ISi supports a variety of cluster configurations for multiple web and data servers.

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